Cisco CCNA Data Center 640-916 DCICT

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Год выпуска: 2014
Продолжительность: 12:11:00
Тип материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
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This Cisco video training with trainer Anthony Sequeira covers the technologies of the modern Cisco-centric data center, including topics such as data center architecture, virtualizing networks, load balancing, and more.

Related area of expertise:
Cisco Data Center

Recommended skills:
For the highest degree of success in this course, students should possess the experience and knowledge gained from the CBT Nuggets course Cisco CCNA Data Center 640-911 DCICN

Recommended equipment:
Students are not required to possess any special equipment in order to benefit fully from this course.

Related certifications:
CCNA Data Center

Related job functions:
Data Center Engineer
Data Center Designer
Data Center Administrator
Network Administrator
Network Designer
Network Engineer
LAN Administrator
SAN Administrator

In this exciting CBT Nuggets course, CBT Nuggets trainer Anthony Sequeira guides learners through the details of the technologies that make up the modern Cisco-centric data center. This course also prepares learners to pass the 640-916 DCICT 1.0 exam. This is the second of two exams required for the CCNA Data Center certification.
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1. The Course Introduction (00:09:33)
This introductory Nugget reviews the requirements for the CCNA Data Center certification and details the exact technologies covered in this amazing course. It also reviews the efficient and direct style this course will follow.
2. The Cisco Data Center Architecture (00:18:23)
This Nugget begins by discussing why LAN and SAN traffic has been traditionally segregated in the Data Center. It then provides a look at the modular and layered architecture that is so typical today in the Data Center. Finally, this Nugget examines the technology groupings in the Data Center 3.0 initiative from Cisco Systems. This Nugget also provides valuable exam review questions to ensure one is ready for the certification exam in these areas.
3. Meet the Nexus Family! (00:33:37)
This Nugget takes you on a detailed tour of the various models and technologies of the Cisco Nexus 7000, 5000, and 2000 series devices.
4. Meet the MDS Family! (00:10:50)
This Nugget takes you on a detailed tour of the various models and technologies of the MDS 9500 series, the 9124, the 9148, and the 9222i devices.
5. Monitoring the Nexus (00:21:19)
Before this Nugget course gets too deep in Nexus configurations and best practices, this entry ensures that learners can connect to the Nexus for admin purposes. This Nugget also provides more details about such important concepts as the ISSU and the management VRF.
6. Exploring vPCs and Their Verification (00:17:01)
This Nugget will tell you the why and how of vPCs and their verification in the NX-OS. This is a critical Nugget for those who want to understand a key technology enabling the banishment of STP.
7. Exploring FabricPath (TRILL) (00:12:54)
In this Nugget, you examine the exciting new Layer 2 technology of FabricPath, Cisco’s implementation of TRILL. This technology replaces the need for Spanning Tree Protocol on many of your Data Center devices.
8. You Down with OTV? (00:16:11)
This Nugget explains the why and how of Overlay Transport Virtualization. It also details how this new technology is easily verified.
9. Virtualizing The Network Device (00:19:18)
Virtual Device Contexts and Virtual Network Interfaces are thoroughly explored in this Nugget.
10. Virtualizing Storage (00:11:19)
Another area where an intense amount of virtualization technologies are deployed is in the area of storage in the Data Center. This Nugget walks you through these technologies step by step.
11. Virtualizing Servers (00:23:19)
When you say virtualization in the Data Center today, most think about the virtualization of server operating systems, or maybe even desktops. This Nugget explores this popular and important topic.
12. Introducing the Nexus 1000V (00:18:32)
This Nugget features your introduction to Cisco’s first software-based Nexus switch! Don’t miss this important 20 minutes of training!
13. Verifying the Nexus 1000V (00:12:53)
This Nugget picks up where the last Nugget left off. After a brief review of the operation of the Nexus 1000V, this Nugget provides the options for installation and demonstrates how you can easily verify the operation of this complex network element.
14. Storage Options (00:18:02)
In this Nugget, join Anthony Sequeira as he walks you through many powerful — and some not so powerful options — for storage in your Data Center.
15. Fibre Channel and More Fibre Channel (00:32:52)
The previous Nugget about Storage Options provided an overview on Fibre Channel — it is now time to dig deep in this SAN topic. This Nugget does just that.
16. Verifying Fibre Channel (00:12:59)
After a quick review of setup, upgrade, and licensing procedures on the Cisco MDS, this Nugget covers commands that you should be aware of to easily verify your Fibre Channel environment.
17. FCoE and DCB (00:18:36)
This action-packed Nugget features a close look at Cisco’s Unified Fabric highlighted by Fibre Channel over Ethernet.
18. Connecting FCoE (00:13:11)
In this short Nugget, join Anthony Sequeira as he guides you through some exciting technologies for flexibility in your Unified Fabric.
19. The Nexus 2232 Fabric Extender (00:14:02)
Join Anthony Sequeira for a close look at this remarkable device in the Cisco Data Center portfolio.
20. The UCS B-Series Family (00:22:58)
Meet the Unified Computing System B-Series devices from Cisco Systems!
21. The UCS C-Series (00:11:00)
Ready for a Cisco Data Center setup but not ready for the price tag associated with a B-series infrastructure? Introducing C-series rack mount servers from Cisco Systems. This Nugget gives you a tour of the technology, with plenty of valuable insights.
22. Connecting B-Series Servers (00:19:30)
In this Nugget, Anthony Sequeira will elaborate on a critical part of the UCS B-Series infrastructure: how is everything connected???
23. UCS Management (00:17:54)
In this Nugget, Anthony Sequeira will walk you through common UCS tasks and provide an excellent foundation for further UCS studies.
24. Pools, Policies, and Profiles (00:15:57)
This Nugget will introduce students to the wonderful word of hardware abstraction and the power of pools, policies, and profiles in the UCS system. This Nugget acts as an excellent foundation for exciting content to come in the CCNP Data Center and beyond.
25. Cisco Load Balancing (00:12:19)
In this conclusion to the DCICT course, Anthony Sequeira provides you with information regarding Cisco Load Balancing solutions.


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