Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking (640-911)

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Год выпуска: 2014
Продолжительность: 12:11:00
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This Cisco video training with trainer Anthony Sequeira covers Data Center networking technologies, including topics such as network layer addressing, LAN switching, routing, and more.

Related area of expertise:
Cisco Data Center

Recommended skills:
Familiarity with the Windows or MAC operating system
Ability to use the Internet and its related functions such as web browsing and email

Recommended equipment:
While no equipment is required for this course, students could benefit from NX-OS access to practice the various commands demonstrated

Related certifications:
CCNA Data Center

Related job functions:
Network Administrator
Network Engineer
Data Center Administrator
Data Center Engineer

In thisCBT Nugget course, trainer Anthony Sequeira guides learners through the an introduction to Data Center networking technologies, with a particular emphasis on Cisco technologies. This course prepares learners for the 640-911 DCICN exam, which is the first of two exams required for CCNA Data Center certification

Подробное описание

1. Mastering the OSI Model (00:26:48)
In the first Nugget of this series, Anthony reviews the OSI and TCP/IP models, and demonstrates just how important mastery of these models are in regards to the data center.
2. Classic Network Devices (00:16:15)
Before we focus on new Data Center devices like the Fabric Interconnect, it is worth reviewing "classic" network device technologies. Join Anthony Sequeira for a walk through networking history!
3. A Brief History of Ethernet (00:29:27)
Ethernet has a rich history and still is very important in the modern Data Center. Anthony Sequeira provides you with an entertaining look at this important technology.
4. Characterizing the Data Center Network (00:18:41)
What is Data Center 3.0 that Cisco has been talking about lately? How can we categorize our existing or planned Data Center Network? Learn these answers and more in this important Nugget.
5. Number Conversion Fun!!! (00:20:33)
To be a CCNA Data Center, you need to be able to convert hex, binary, and decimal representations using only scratch paper. In this fun Nugget, Anthony Sequeira makes these conversions simple for you.
6. Network Layer Addressing (00:35:36)
IP addresses are a critical component of the modern Data Center! In this Nugget, we break down these addresses and learn the how to use the tools to test the addresses.
7. Subnetting in the DCICN Exam (00:19:05)
This Nugget ensures that viewers are prepared for any subnetting-related questions they might be asked on the DCICN exam. This Nugget also ensures viewers know exactly how to learn more about subnetting if they are interested.
8. The TCP/IP Transport Layer (00:25:04)
The transport layer ensures that information makes its way through the network in a connection-oriented or a connection-less fashion. In this Nugget, this important layer is thoroughly discussed and examined.
9. The Frame Delivery Process (00:16:35)
In this Nugget, you will review the operations of Layer 2 switches, learn about the ARP process, and review the important Broadcast and Collision Domain concepts. This Nugget also provides some fun exam review questions.
10. Data Center LAN Switching (00:20:21)
In this Nugget, Anthony Sequeira guides you through a quick historical review of the subtle and not-so-subtle differences between an early bridge and a modern day Data Center network switch. He also discusses the internal switching methods used by Data Center switches, and provides a detailed tour of the current Data Center Switch lineup.
11. Introducing NX-OS Software (00:23:51)
Beginning with NX-OS release 4.1, a single, powerful operating system is used for both LAN and SAN equipment in the Data Center. This Nugget introduces you to this important software code and covers its architecture and high availability features.
12. NX-OS Features (00:17:46)
In this Nugget, you learn the basic features of the NX-OS environment, including the setup script, role-based access control, and the help system. While you can leverage previous knowledge of IOS-based devices here, there are indeed some new things to learn in this important Nugget!
13. Using the NX-OS (00:10:00)
In this Nugget, Anthony Sequeira will guide you through key fundamentals to successfully use the NX-OS. This includes key information such as saving configurations and running key verification commands.
14. VLANs in the NX-OS LAN (00:17:14)
In this Nugget, you review the important concept of Layer 2 VLANs. You then learn how easy they are to create and populate at the NX-OS command line.
15. 802.1Q Trunks in the Data Center (00:11:08)
How can we move the traffic of different VLANs from Cisco device to Cisco device in the Data Center? The answer is thanks to 802.1Q trunks. In this Nugget, you learn the fundamentals of this important technology and you learn to configure these trunks at the command line, as well as verify them.
16. VTP in the Data Center?!?! (00:20:00)
What is VTP? Why does it have that misleading name? Does Cisco really want me to use it in my Data Center? All of these questions and much more are answered in this Nugget. Enjoy!
17. Redundancy at Layer 2 (00:30:23)
We want as much redundancy as we can possibly afford in the Data Center. What issues might this cause at Layer 2? This Nugget examines this question in detail, and provides solutions such as STP, RSTP, MSTP, and EtherChannels.
18. Routing in the Data Center (00:32:02)
In this Nugget, the basics of routing are reviewed, then a detailed discussion begins about the following topics: inter-VLAN routing, distance vector routing protocols, link-state routing protocols, EIGRP, and BGP.
19. ACLs in the NX-OS (00:23:25)
In this Nugget, we not only review and learn to configure ACLs in the NX-OS environment, we also get to see an amazing new configuration verification feature at the command line. This Nugget also teaches you all about powerful object groups.
20. Introducing IPv6 (00:09:34)
In this concise CBT Nugget, Anthony Sequeira provides you with an overview of IPv6 and its most exciting features. He also prov


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