Cisco CCIE v5

Год выпуска: 2013CBT Nuggets
Производитель: CBT Nuggets
Автор: Keith Barker
Продолжительность: 05:37:00
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский

Стоимость: 1999 рублей


This Cisco video training with Keith Barker and Anthony Sequeira covers taking the CCIE R&S Version 5 exams, including topics such as the lab exam format, general network challenges, applying troubleshooting methodologies, and more.

[wpspoiler name=»Подробное описание» ]1. CCIE R&S v5 LAB Exam Format (00:12:09)
The format for the CCIE R&S Lab exam has changed once again. Join Keith and Anthony in this Nugget as they break it all down for you in easy-to-understand language.
2. CCIE R&S v4 to v5 Topic Changes (00:04:58)
Join Keith in this concise and clear Nugget about which topics from Version 4 no longer exist, and which topics in Version 5 are new. This Nugget is obviously critical if you have been studying for the CCIE Version 4 R&S lab exam.
3. Finding CCIE Exam Information (00:10:35)
You want to ensure that you are up to date with all of the latest information about the exam and you want to make sure it is accurate info. You also want to make sure that you can get your questions about the exam answered. Where do you go? This Nugget is for you.
4. Bonus Tip Nugget: Why Do So Many Fail? (00:12:36)
In this Bonus Tip Nugget, Anthony details the many reasons students say that they failed their lab exam on their initial attempts. Why do we care? We want to avoid those same mistakes. Enjoy this fun video, it just might save you on your first exam attempt.
5. Tracking Your CCIE Success (00:11:33)
Measuring your progress allows you to objectively focus your attention where needed, as well as providing a feedback system to provide motivation as you see your skills getting better and better with each study session.
6. IOS XE (00:23:56)
During the written exam, students must be able to describe the architectural differences between IOS and IOS XE. This Nugget goes even further than that, providing students with a complete overview of the landscape of Cisco Operating Systems.
7. Bonus Tip Nugget: Documentation in the Exam (00:10:37)
Are you really provided access to the Cisco documentation in the lab exam? Learn the answer to this question and much more in this important Bonus Tip Nugget!
8. Cisco Express Forwarding (00:28:57)
The FIB and the Adjacency Table make up Cisco Express Forwarding technology. How does all of that work, and what is a particular challenge with CEF? Learn it all in this concise Nugget.
9. General Network Challenges (00:20:12)
Unicast floods, asymmetric routing, and microbursts, oh my! In this Nugget, join Keith and Anthony as they discuss general network challenges and how they can occur.
10. Bonus Tip Nugget: Over-Configuration in the Lab (00:04:02)
In this Bonus Tip Nugget, Anthony discusses a very frequent student question regarding the lab exam, «Are you penalized for «over-configuration»?
11. IP Oper. — ICMP Unreachables (00:16:23)
In this important Nugget for the written CCIE R&S certification exam, Keith and Anthony demonstrate key elements of IP packets and discuss their usage. This Nugget focuses on ICMP Unreachables.
12. Bonus Tip Nugget: Core vs Noncore (00:08:43)
Join Anthony as he discusses an important strategic point for the Configuration section of the CCIE R&S v5 Exam: the identification of core vs noncore tasks!
13. Bonus Tip Nugget: Trackers in the Lab Exam (00:13:30)
In this Bonus Tip Nugget, Anthony discusses the use of trackers while taking the lab exam and even provides examples of trackers that he would use.
14. ICMP Redirects (00:22:28)
In this Nugget, Keith and Anthony will bring the operation of ICMP Redirect messages to life for you right before your eyes! This video also demonstrates the location of key commands in the Command Reference Documentation at
15. IPv4 Options and IPv6 Ext Headers (00:28:06)
This Nugget examines a key difference between IPv4 and IPv6 in how optional informational can be conveyed.
16. TTL and MTU (00:12:08)
Enjoy this Nugget dealing with Time To Live (TTL) and Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) behaviors in the IP protocol.
17. TCP Operations (00:28:53)
In this important Nugget, join Anthony and Keith as they detail important behaviors of the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). From the three-way handshake to the four-way handshake, this Nugget covers many interesting topics.
18. UDP Operations (00:17:20)
Join Keith and Anthony for a discussion of key concepts regarding User Datagram Protocol (UDP) in this Nugget. Topics include such interesting Nuggets as TCP starvation and the Real-Time Transport Protocol!
19. Evaluate Proposed Changes to a Network (00:03:39)
This exciting Nugget examines typical procedures that you would engage in when performing migrations from one technology to another, such as migrating to IPv6.
20. Use IOS Based Troubleshooting Tools (00:23:18)
Learn the use various monitoring and troubleshooting tools of the IOS to their fullest in this important Nugget.
21. Apply Troubleshooting Methodologies (00:10:37)
Learn to troubleshoot more effectively in this laser-focused Nugget.
22. Interpret Packet Captures (00:12:20)
Allow Keith to guide you through a few features of Wireshark to enable quick and powerful analysis of traffic. Also in this Nugget, join Anthony as he walks you through the IOS Embedded Packet Capture feature.[/wpspoiler]


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