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In this incredibly in-depth CBT Nuggets course, CBT Nuggets trainer Anthony Sequeira guides students through the implementation of Cisco Unified Fabric technologies. This includes a detailed examination of Cisco Nexus switches and Cisco MDS storage products.

Recommended skills:
Familiarity with the Cisco Internetwork Operating System (IOS)

Recommended equipment:
While no specific equipment is required to enjoy the course, practice Nexus and MDS devices would benefit the student.

Related certifications:
Cisco CCNP Data Center
Cisco CCIE Data Center

Related job functions:
Systems admin
Network admin
Network operations analyst
Network technician
Datacenter admin
Datacenter designer
Datacenter technician

From the smallest organizations to the very largest, Cisco Data Center inventions are joining standards-based technologies to revolutionize the Information Technology (IT) industry. This course is critical for any engineer or designer that is interested in the future of network computing. Specifically, this course focuses on the Nexus and MDS equipment from Cisco Systems, and the technologies that make a unified fabric of LAN and SAN traffic possible. Some of the industry-hottest technologies are thoroughly explored including OTV, vPC, LISP, VM-FEX, and Cisco FabricPath (TRILL). This course is a perfect follow up from the CCNA Data Center courses here at CBT Nuggets, as well as the Cisco UCS courses.
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1. Intro (00:04:29)
Anthony Sequeira has three goals for you in this exciting Cisco Data Center course! Find out what they are in this quick intro to the course.
2. Overview and Data Center Architectures (00:26:54)
What does the Unified Fabric concept really mean and why is Cisco so excited about it? What does a typical Cisco data center architecture look like? Find the answers and more in this Nugget!
3. The Nexus 7K Product Family (00:30:58)
Learn about the amazing products that make up the Nexus 7000 in this important Nugget.
4. PRACTICAL: Exploring the 7K (00:07:11)
In this Nugget, join Anthony as he guides you through exploring a Nexus 7K from the command line.
5. Other Nexus Devices (00:21:41)
This Nugget provides valuable information on the non-7K Nexus portfolio of products.
6. Introducing the NX-OS (00:19:16)
Enjoy this important CBT Nugget detailing some of the most exciting features of the NX-OS powering your LAN and SAN devices.
7. PRACTICAL: Initial Setup of the 5K (00:11:02)
Join Anthony at the CLI as he performs the initial setup and verifications on a Cisco Nexus 5K.
8. IOS In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) (00:25:58)
Upgrades of the OS on a Cisco device always would involve down time in the past. Watch this Nugget to learn how Cisco is trying to prevent this.
9. System Level High Availability (00:22:25)
There is so much redundancy in a data center today that it is remarkable. Redundancy between devices and redundancy in devices. This Nugget examines the remarkable redundancy common INSIDE many data center devices.
10. Virtual Device Contexts (00:36:23)
Are you ready to create several logical devices out of one of your Nexus physical devices? This Nugget is for you, and provides unmatched coverage of this important technological innovation.
11. Virtual Device Context Configuration (00:33:17)
You now know all about Virtual Device Contexts. In this Nugget, you master their configuration.
12. Basic Interface Parameters (00:16:01)
In this Nugget, we review the basics of Nexus device interfaces.
13. Configuring FEX (00:19:09)
Enjoy this detailed look at the configurations involved with one of the most discussed Cisco Data Center technologies: Fabric Extension.
14. Adapter FEX (00:10:35)
In this Nugget, learn all about creating virtual network connections through the FEX architecture!
15. VLANs, VXLANS, and Private VLANs (00:21:35)
Yes, that's right, this Nugget is all about VLANs and their variants in the modern data center.
16. RSTP, MSTP, and STP Extensions (00:26:15)
Sure, STP is starting to become a technology of the past, but your knowledge of the latest variants is expected in DCUFI. This Nugget is for you.
17. Port Channels and Virtual Port Channels (00:09:57)
Master one of the powerful technologies that helps to eliminate STP in your data center.
18. Configuring Port Channels and vPCs (00:34:45)
In this Nugget, master vPC configurations and verifications.
19. Port Channels and FEX (00:14:11)
This Nugget recaps the port channel and virtual port channel configs in relation to FEX. It also covers a cool configuration sync feature.
20. PRACTICAL: FEX, PCs and vPCs (00:24:18)
Time to ensure we have these configurations mastered at the command line.
21. Cisco FabricPath (00:22:21)
Are you ready to enjoy a very detailed look at Cisco's implementation of TRILL, a replacement for STP in your LAN? This Nugget is for you.
22. Configuring FabricPath (00:14:36)
In this action packed Nugget, learn the simple commands that are used in a Cisco FabricPath configuration.
23. PRACTICAL: FabricPath (00:10:30)
Enjoy this look at a real world FabricPath implementation.
24. Routing Protocol Configurations (00:26:44)
This Nugget is all about getting scalable routing protocols configured properly on the Nexus gear.
25. Graceful Restart (00:17:11)
What is graceful restart? How does it work? Why is it such a big deal for the modern data center? Learn all that and more in this important Nugget.
26. FHRPs (00:20:11)
First Hop Reachability Protocols can pan play a key role in your data center infrastructure and help ensure reliability. This Nugget sheds light on the subtle and not so subtle differences in the different FHRP approaches.
27. Policy Based Routing (PBR) (00:11:21)
You may need to override the unicast RIB routing behavior in your data center. PBR offers a simple option for doing this. Join Anthony in this Nugget, where he guides you through this technology on the Nexus.
28. Multicast (00:17:32)
What multicast features are supported on the Nexus devices? This Nugget answers that important question and also reviews key operations of these protocols.
29. Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV) (00:22:20)
There is so much buzz in the industry about OTV. This Nugget details this technology in simple terms for the viewer.
30. Locator-ID Separation Protocol (LISP) (00:10:37)
Watch this Nugget and learn about the next generation IP routing feature that enables separation of the identity of the device and its location!
31. Nexus Security Features (00:26:02)
DHCP Snooping, DAI, IP Source Guard, uRPF, storm control and more are all here for you!
32. Fibre Channel (FC) (00:33:30)
Let's talk the language of love in the storage area network (SAN). Yes, it's Fibre Channel in all of its glory.
33. Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) (00:17:48)
Perhaps dogs and cats can live together. In this Nugget, we explore the marriage of LAN and SAN traffic on the network thanks to FCoE.
34. Data Center Bridging (DCB) Enhancements (00:13:50)
How can Ethernet be made "lossless" when it comes to packets? This Nugget explores the set of enhancements made to Ethernet to promote FCoE.
35. Configuring SAN Technologies (00:29:55)
This Nugget focuses on Storage Area Network type of configurations.
36. PRACTICAL: Initial Setup of the MDS (00:08:17)
Join Anthony at the CLI as he bootstraps an MDS 9K device.
37. User Management (00:10:29)
Understanding your RBAC options in the Nexus is critical. This Nugget examines many topics related to user management in the Data Center.
38. Virtualization and the Unified Fabric (00:19:24)
This Nugget examines key topics related to virtualization and its impact on the unified fabric.
39. Cisco Fabric Services (00:09:24)
Want to automatically replicate key configurations to many of your NX-OS devices? This Nugget is for you!


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