70-654-CBT Nuggets Configuring Windows Essential Business Server 2008

Год выпуска: 2010CBT Nuggets
Производитель: CBT Nuggets
Автор: James Conrad
Продолжительность: 06:53:37
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский

Стоимость: 1999 рублей


Exam 70-654 was retired in June 2011. However, this course retains value as an IT resource.

Learn how to plan, implement and manage Essential Business Server (EBS) — Microsoft’s integrated server product for medium-sized businesses. It’s literally a network infrastructure in a box.

Technology expert Don Jones guides you through everything contained in EBS, from licensing, architecture, planning, and deployment to managing EBS components.

This course prepares you for the Microsoft 70-654 exam, while showing you how to administer EBS.

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1. Introduction (00:05:14)
This training video will take you through an overview of the course.
2. About EBS (00:21:03)
Training content; Integrated products, structure, limitations and licensing, and design principles.
3. Preparing for Deployment (00:22:05)
Topics of training; Selecting and configuring hardware, identifying and resolving network issues, and using the Planning & Preparation tools.
4. Installing and Configuring EBS (00:21:50)
Training content; Configuring OS and data storage, installation of all components, and managing the transition to the EBS Security server.
5. Post-Installation and Configuration (00:24:07)
Content of training; Handling failed installations and performing migration tasks.
6. Configuring System Center Essentials (00:22:43)
Topics covered in training video; Setting up SCE GPOs, Windows Server Update Services, and SCE configuration.
7. Configuring ForeFront (00:18:37)
Training topics; Content filtering, quarantine, file formats, firewall rules, and more.
8. Installing SQL Server (00:21:38)
Content of training; Choosing sort order, selecting instances, choosing character sets, and more.
9. Adding EBS Resources (00:24:27)
Training content; Mail-enabling users and group, adding users and groups, SCE devices, computers, file shares, printers, and more.
10. Managing Software by Using SCE (00:18:23)
Topics covered in training Nugget; Deploying applications, uninstalling applications, application inventory, and licensing.
11. Monitoring Errors, Events, and Performance (00:24:26)
Training content; Admin console, health reports, SCE console, and performance-and-reliability monitor.
12. Backup, Restore, and Server Recovery (00:22:27)
Training content; Windows Server Backup, Exchange backup, SQL Server backup, SharePoint backup, system state backup, server recovery, and bare-metal recovery.
13. Adding and Configuring GPOs and GP Preferences (00:24:39)
Content of training; Drive mappings, registry settings, VPN connections, logon scripts, and preferences.
14. Managing Exchange (00:21:39)
Training topics; Email domain names, Out-Of-Office replies, quotas, message flow, item retention, and database sizing.
15. Managing SQL Server (00:21:50)
Backups; security; attaching, detaching, moving databases, and more.
16. Configuring Remote Web Workplace (00:20:24)
Settings, permissions, content management, setting permissions, deciding what should be on the page.
17. Managing VPN Connections (00:20:51)
Client and branch office connectivity, VPN permissions, and security.
18. Configuring Outlook Web Access, Mobile Device Access, and Outlook Anywhere (00:21:03)
OWA options, mobile devices, and address books; certificates, security policy, wiping devices, SharePoint mobile; allowing/disallowing access, client certificates, and DNS configuration.
19. Configure Terminal Services Gateway (00:21:24)
CAP, RAP, and configuration.
20. Configure Certificates (00:14:47)
Third-party certificates and private Certification Authorities(CAs).



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