70-451-CBT Nuggets Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Designing Database Solutions And Data Access

microsoft sql server 2008 r2
microsoft sql server 2008 r2

Год выпуска: 2010
Производитель: CBT Nuggets
Автор: Anthony Sequeira
Продолжительность: 07:00:52
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
Стоимость: 1999 рублей


In this training, database expert Don Jones takes you on a tour of SQL Server 2008 that ultimately prepares you for prestigious Microsoft MCITP: SQL Server 2008 Database Developer certification.

He starts by covering the basics, including relational database concepts and table design, and moves you all the way through to advanced topics, like query optimization and index tuning.

Throughout, you’ll get plenty of in-the-product experience and demonstrations, clear explanations of core concepts, and guidance for implementing best practices in your own database application designs.

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1. Introduction (00:04:26)
This MCITP certification training series will start with an overview of the series.
2. SQL Server Components (00:19:38)
Training content; SQL Server Agent, Database Mil, Service broker, Full-text search, DTC, linked servers, and more
3. Relational Database Basics (00:19:22)
Training content; Physical storage model, relational data, and database objects
4. Designing a Database Model (00:21:29)
Continuing your MCITP certification exam readiness, we will discuss designing a database model, in this training video.
5. Using the Entity Framework (00:12:40)
MCITP training content; what is the entity framework, mappings and models and finally entity SQL.
6. Designing Application Security (00:26:20)
Training content; Security overview, authentication mode, schema ownership, execution context, permissions, database roles
7. Designing a Full-Text Search Strategy (00:16:33)
About full-text search: contains, CONTAINSTABLE, FREETEXT and FREETEXITABLE.
8. Selecting Data Types for Tables (00:12:29)
About data types: new types (geography, hierarchyid, date, time, datetime2, datetimeoffset, varbinary (MAX), and filestream); traditional types (varchar and varchar(MAX), char, ints, bit); Outdated types; Type options
9. Designing Tables (00:29:44)
Table width, sizing data columns, IN_ROW_DATA, overflow data, sparse columns, computed columns, persisted computed columns
10. Designing Programming Constructs (00:24:55)
Stored procedures, types, functions, aggregates, triggers; CLR vs. T-SQL
11. Designing T-SQL Construts (00:21:23)
Functions vs. views, determinism, parameters, EXECUTE AS, TRY/CATCH, WITH RECOMPILE, etc.
12. Designing Views (00:26:16)
About views, CTEs, partitioned views, indexed views, updatable indexed views, check option, schema binding
13. Special Programming Concerns (00:17:20)
Preventing SQL injection attacks, ownership chains on programming objects, cross-database ownership chaining
14. Designing a Transaction and Concurrency Strategy (00:23:01)
About locking: designing locking granularity; about transactions, designing transactions; about concurrency, designing for concurrency
15. Designing an XML Strategy (00:25:45)
About XML: designing XML storage; designing an XML query strategy; XML data transformation
16. Understanding Query Optimization (00:21:32)
How queries are physically executed; how indexes are used; about execution plans; row-based vs set-based operations
17. Designing Optimized Queries (00:27:42)
MCITP certification training content; About the Query Optimizer; Optimize and Tune Queries; Analyze execution plans; row-based cs; Set-based operations
18. Designing Optimized Index Strategies (00:23:06)
MCITP training content; Views: filtered indexes; indexed views; clustered and non-clustered indexes; unique indexes
19. Designing Scalable Database Solutions (00:26:04)
Training content; About scalability: scale up vs out; federated databases; distributed partitioned views; scalable shared databases; replication; offloading read-only queries
20. Designing Database Performance Strategies (00:21:07)
Lets wrap up your MCITP certification readiness training by talking about plan guides, partitions and compression.

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