70-291-VTC — MCSA & MCSE Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Год выпуска: 2008CBT Nuggets
Производитель: CBT Nuggets
Автор: Brian Culp
Продолжительность: 08:33:29
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский

Стоимость: 1999 рублей


Virtual Training Company’s Microsoft Windows XP Admin tutorial is an excellent resource in preparation for the Microsoft Certification Exam #70-270. Certified Instructor Bill Ferguson guides you through installing Windows XP, including automated installation, troubleshooting the boot process, and configuring your hardware. He also helps you with managing the desktop, both for a user and an administrator, and with connecting within a network and through remote access. At the end of this tutorial, he will give you some tips helpful for taking the Microsoft Certification test.


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1. Administering a Windows 2000 Network
Overview of MS 701-291 (04:28)
The NetBIOS Namespace (05:44)
The DNS Namespace (04:35)
Planning Domain and Zones (05:15)

2. Implementing/Managing/Maintaining IP Addressing
TCP/IP overview (05:57)
IP Addressing (07:13)
Binary Addressing (05:15)
Address Classes (06:24)
Addressing Rules; the Logical AND Operator (06:51)
Classless Internet Domain Routing (03:09)
Diagnose and Resolve Issues Related to APIPA (05:13)
Using an Alternate Configuration (03:38)
Subnetting/Supernetting pt. 1 (03:35)
Subnetting/Supernetting pt. 2 (03:22)
Subnetting Shortcuts (05:55)

3. Implementing/Managing/Maintaining IP Addressing Cont’d
Installing and Configuring DHCP (05:18)
DHCP Lease Process (05:15)
DHCP Scopes (04:41)
Authorizing; Client Reservations (04:01)
Manage DHCP Options (04:23)
DHCP in a Routed Environment (05:52)
Configuring DHCP Relay Agent (04:03)
Using Superscopes (05:11)
Manage DHCP Databases (04:19)
Option Classes (04:35)
Integrating DHCP DDNS (04:00)
Integrating DHCP with Remote Access (02:32)
Troubleshooting DHCP (05:14)
Verify Database Integrity (02:11)
DHCP Audit Log Files (03:42)

4. Implementing/Managing/Maintaining Name Resolution
Resolving a Host Name (06:02)
Recursive and Iterative Queries (04:07)
Reverse Queries (03:47)
Install the DNS Server Service (05:17)
DNS Server Roles (05:50)
Manage DNS Zones (04:03)
Stub Zones (02:58)
DNS Server Options (06:41)
Creating a Reverse Lookup Zone (02:39)
Resource Records (05:56)
DNS Forwarders (03:34)
Implementing Dynamic DNS (04:01)
Integrating DNS and Active Directory (04:04)
Upgrading a Zone (04:39)
Aging and Scavenging (05:44)
Monitoring and Management (04:22)
Delegating Zones (06:28)
Migrating DNS information (03:59)
Integrating Windows and UNIX DNS (04:44)
Configuring DNS Clients (05:41)
NSLOOKUP (04:32)

5. Routing and Remote Access
Configuring the Remote Access Service (05:23)
Configure a Remote Access Client (05:16)
Remote Access User Authentication (05:18)
Remote Access Authentication Protocols (06:34)
Authenticating with IAS (05:03)
Configuring the IAS Server (05:47)
Remote Access Policies (06:04)
Default Remote Access Policies (06:24)
Create a Remote Access Policy (05:25)
Manage Routing Tables (06:50)
Interfaces/Devices/Ports (03:29)
Manage Routing Protocols (06:14)
Demand Dial Routing (06:04)
Configuring NAT (06:13)
Configuring a Firewall (06:05)
Internet Connection Sharing (04:47)
Setting up a VPN (06:09)
Router to Router VPN (04:54)
Secure Callback and Caller ID (03:50)
Remote Access Account Lockout (04:33)
Troubleshoot RRAS (04:10)

6. Implementing/Managing/Maintaining Network Security
IPSec Basics (05:52)
Enabling IPSec (05:01)
Configuring IPSec Properties (03:51)
Configuring IPSec Policy Rules (04:51)
Building an IPSec Policy pt. 1 (04:09)
Building an IPSec Policy pt. 2 (04:35)
IP Security Monitor (03:23)
Configuring a Security Template pt. 1 (03:23)
Configuring a Security Template pt. 2 (03:20)
Security Configuration and Analysis (04:09)
Creating an Audit Policy (04:06)
Reviewing Results of an Audit (05:59)
Auditing Best Practices (05:02)
Recommended Security Practices (04:45)
The Privilege of Least Privilege (04:05)

7. Maintaining a Network Infrastructure
Monitor the Network with System Monitor pt. 1 (04:45)
Monitor the Network with System Monitor pt. 2 (03:55)
Setting up a Performance Log (05:58)
Installing Network Monitor (04:36)
Monitor Traffic Using Network Monitor (05:59)
Troubleshoot Connectivity to the Internet (05:26)
Network Tools: IPConfig/Ping/Tracert/Pathping (06:03)
More Tools: Netdiag/Netstat/Netsh (05:26)
Kerberos Support Tools: Ksetup, Ktpass (04:17)
Service Dependency and Recovery Options (03:43)
Diagnose and Resolve Service-Related Issues (04:38)



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